My story

I believe that people invest in people just as much as they invest in deals, so I want to tell you who I am and what I’m about so you can feel confident investing with me. 

All my success is because I have worked with people who have helped me, showed me the way, or inspired me to do something. I’m thankful for my mentors who have been giants to me, even if they didn’t know they were giants. I was blessed to grow up in a loving family, the oldest of four siblings with parents who are still a great example today of how to live life. I wasn’t given everything in life and in truth I’m very grateful for that, I had to learn and work for what I have and that informs much of how I go forward. 

I joined the Navy because I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, which I eventually accomplished, but right after college and right before flight school I had the itch to invest. This was around 2007 and after getting too much overconfidence thanks to market mania and CNBC I made the brilliant decision to take out loans to buy stocks, which you can safely assume went badly. 

After quickly turning $55,000 into a very impressive $10,000 I was left with a monthly debt service to pay these loans off and the hard earned life lesson that no matter how wisely I thought I was investing or how good the information I was getting could be, ultimately I had no control over what happened to the stock market.

I was bruised but not beaten, I was down but not out, and while I had to pay the price for my mistakes I was motivated to move forward and become better.I  still wanted to invest but I wanted something that gave me more control: enter real estate.

"We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance"

Romans 5:3

Things I learned from getting crushed in 2008. 

  1. I am not as smart as I thought I was
  2. I didn’t understand money
  3. There are better ways to build wealth than the stock market

I went down a deep hole of personal finances, markets, investing vs speculation, and investment segments. I set up my retirement accounts to operate on auto drive and I began to focus on investing in real estate. 

Initially real estate was simply a way for me to save money on my housing needs. I read a few books and had a few friends that discussed living in a multi-unit house to save on or completely cover my mortgage. 

We bought a four-plex first and had the other tenants pay for our mortgage which worked out great. While still on active duty I started looking at commercial real estate with a focus on cash flow. This turned out to be a much better fit for me than stock investing and over the last few years we really dug in, accumulating numerous assets totaling over 12MM in real estate transactions, paid our investors consistent returns, we’ve been able to hire employees, and turn this into a real business. 

Nothing I have done is a secret. It can all be replicated but it takes time, effort, risk, and a whole lot of hard work. I love the opportunity to share my story, inspire others, and provide an option for others to live and give to the causes that matter. If this story grips you, reach out and let’s have a conversation, I love meeting new people.